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Is your company interested in providing a case for the students to be working on during the program?

Design challenges can include the development of new products or services and/or the creation of new internal processes or systems. Above all, it should be an important challenge your firm is facing. 

Do you want to pitch a case to DT Bergen? 
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Company case: NOK 175.000 (donation)
Company case incl. student: NOK 250.000

Further questions? 
Please have a look at our Frequently Asked Questions, or get in touch at designthinking @

What will your company gain by participating in the program?

1.  You get the opportunity to offer an important challenge, which your company is facing and have it be addressed by a multidisciplinary team of dedicated executive students during a 7-month period. The team will be facilitated and assisted by leading scholars, practitioners, and experts.

2.  At the end of the program, you will receive a tangible prototype of a product, service, or process. You can then decide whether to move forward with the final implementation and/or commercialization of the prototype.

3.  Your organization will – through the contact with the students – be exposed to and learn about Design Thinking as a methodology and enabler of cultural and critical change within your organization.

What should the company design challenge look like?

Your company challenge can revolve around the development of new products or services, company communication strategy or the redesign of a company process.  If you are interested in offering a challenge, but don’t know how to frame it – don’t worry – get in touch, and we’ll help you. 

Below are examples of what these challenges can potentially look like, using the hypothetical case of a telecommunications company:

(a) Development of a new service. E.g., “How might we develop a new data plan tailored specifically for the needs of Norwegian families who travel frequently to Southern Europe?”

(b) Re-design of a customer-facing corporate process. E.g., “How might we re-design the way the public interacts with our customer-service team (either online or on the phone) in order to turn potential frustration into absolute delight.”

(c) Creation of a new communication strategy and/or marketing campaign. E.g., “How might we demystify and strip down our pricing structures in order to become more user-friendly and transparent to our customers?”

(d) Design of new customer-focused retail spaces. E.g., “What would the equivalent of an ‘Apple Store’ for the telecommunications company of the future look like?”

These are, of course, simply suggestions. What’s important is for the “How might we…” questions to be relatively broad, not too technically intricate, and focused towards the Norwegian and/or European market. Ideally the challenges will be relevant to the general population of Bergen to which our students can have face-to-face access during their ethnographic observations, interviews, and immersions.