Course: Training the Design Thinking Trainers


09:00 – 17:00

First timers: 7000 kr,
Refresh: 600 kr

Federico Lozano

Only available to alumni of DT Bergen (Design Thinking: Strategic Design for Innovation)

Sted:  Da Vinchi, Bergen Teknologioverføring, Thormøhlens gate 51 (VilVite)

Some of the 2017 certified Design Thinkers

A useful add-on to those who wish to deepen their DT knowledge, and function as DT facilitators and mentors.

Publisert 26.06.2018

Once again we are happy to announce our Training the Design Thinking Trainers course available to all DT Bergen alumni.

The course is mandatory if you wish to apply as a mentor for future cohorts at DT Bergen. Those who have already done the course, but wish to sit in on one more to refresh their knowledge and remain connected to the rest of the gang are welcome to do so for a small fee covering food and location.

What the course will cover:

  • The course content will include much more pedagogical discussions than the typical hands-on, playful DT workshop that you are used to. The idea will be to reflect deeply, as expert design thinkers, and ask ourselves: (a) how do people learn, (b) how can we increase their chances of learning, and (c) how can we help them achieve lasting mind shifts.  
  • We will discuss a Stanford Business School Case Study that deals with the difficulties of changing organisational culture from a traditional one to one focused on innovation, human centeredness, and design thinking.  This is because one of the major challenges of your students/clients will not only be to learn and embrace DT, but to implement DT in their own organizations. (I know that this resonates already with many of you.) As future teachers, the case method will also help us see DT from a more analytical/academic perspective.
  • We’ll touch upon the traditional barriers to learning creativity and innovation, and what we can do to deal with them.  
  • Since good training is mostly about communicating correctly, we’ll work on effective presentation and communication skills and give each other constructive feedback.
  • All in all, the goal of the course is for you to gain the needed confidence and skills to become influential innovation and DT coaches, mentors, and trainers.


You will learn to:

  • Communicate lessons through a powerful teaching style, which taps into students' intellect and emotions
  • Help your students deal with organizational-culture pressures that usually work against innovation and design thinking initiatives
  • Develop your own training content by uncovering the fundamental mindset of a design thinker
  • Guide students in deep learning, introspection, and reflection through the use of metacognitive skills
  • Balance between being a strong facilitator and permitting your students to fail safely and deal with ambiguity
  • Create a fun, open, and caring learning environment where students feel safe to express themselves fully
  • Connect with students not only as a teacher but also as a mentor and friend by understanding that the learning experience goes both ways