DT Alumni inviterer: Foredrag om AR og VR med Dr. Jordi Linares fra Universitet i Valencia

Dato & tid
12.06.2018 17:30 — 12.06.2018 20:00

2. etg på Vil vite-senteret

Sted: Mellomrommet, BTO, Thormøhlens gate 51

Dr. Jordi Linares fra Universitet i Valencia kommer for å holde et spennende foredrag om trender innen bruk av VR og AR

Publisert 06.06.2018

Virtual and Augmented Reality and new trends on human-computer interaction.

How we work and interact with computer and devices have changed a lot recently and many changes are also coming. In this presentation, we will see how virtual and augmented reality are called to change our lives. Some basic concepts will be introduced, and some examples of real applications will be shown. New advances from AI and deep learning will be also introduced and how these new technologies will impact and our future.

Jordi Linares, Phd. Jordi Linares, Phd.

Lecturer and researcher at Universitat Politècnica de València (Spain). His research and teaching activities are focused on interactive systems, virtual and augmented reality and game technology. He leads two research groups which main activity is centered on developing final applications with this technology in fields such as arts, education and health care.

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